CRM Software Upgrade Helps Avoid Undue Cost and Risk [hidden]

by admin on November 21, 2012

Client: Technology Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of computer and telephony equipment that enables converged communications, allowing service providers, developers and system integrators to deliver services, content and applications using multimedia processing and signaling technologies.


  • IT needed to implement and upgrade a customer relationship management (CRM) system (Siebel 2000) within its budget.
  • Siebel consulting resources were expensive.
  • Transition to another firm could add costs and risks to the project.
  • A go-live date was already agreed to by IT and its business partners.

RMK Solution

  • Staffed the key consulting positions.
  • Provided an exit plan for the existing consultants.
  • Implemented the software upgrade and worked closely with the business to develop key reports.


  • The new CRM solution was implemented on time and on budget, averting a potential rift between IT and the business.

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