The RMK Difference


They’re not just buzzwords to us.

We’re in it for the marathon, not the sprint. Our commitment: to understand your business, work closely with you and your team, and earn your trust by being consistently reliable and transparent.

We have a robust recruiting repository, but the real differentiator is our due diligence. We only send you quality candidates, meaning they will fit with your culture and work well in your environment, beyond having the right experience and skills. This saves you real time and effort so you can concentrate on achieving your business goals.

Our project solution teams of proven professionals quickly assimilate into your unique environment and offer best practices and processes, collaborate with your personnel and apply the required skills and experience to the task at hand.

Responsiveness is more than quickly turning around a request. It also translates into pricing flexibility, special arrangements and working closely enough with you that we can often anticipate and identify needs that aren’t even on the radar yet. 

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