Inventory Replenishment Forecasting Improves Cash Flow, Productivity and Customer Satisfaction [hidden]

by admin on November 21, 2012

Client: Electronics Provider

A leading provider of digital office equipment and multifunction products consisting of copiers, printers, facsimile systems, scanners, digital duplicators, wide-format copiers and digital cameras, with sales in excess of $3 billion annually.


  • An infrastructure was needed to consolidate and share supply chain information across business units in the Americas but link globally to the parent company. (The intention was to optimize asset management while providing increased analysis capabilities in a time-efficient manner.)
  • Redundant and unnecessary processes within the supply chain negatively affected operating efficiencies and damaged customer relations.

RMK Solution

  • Collaborated to produce an 18-month inventory replenishment forecasting system for satisfying future customer demand of the client’s office automation products, accessories and related consumables, using 36 months of historical demand data.
  • Harnessed the power of Oracle’s new reporting toolset, a new forecasting and data mart reporting application that provides a complete statistical system supporting a multitude of forecasting methods and seasonality of data trends as well as a multidimensional database structure.


  • The client improved cash flow and global profitability while increasing global satisfaction for end customers and dealer partners by maximizing inventory sharing and utilization.
  • The combination of the multidimensional database and built-in forecast routines allows the supply chain management team to forecast more than 2,500 products in less than five minutes.
    • This speed enables the client to perform real-time forecasting on a single product, allowing users to fine-tune parameters to produce a forecast that meets business needs without having to wait.

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