ConfirmHub Integration Enables a Commodities Exchange to More Effectively Compete and Grow [hidden]

by admin on November 21, 2012

Client: World’s Largest Commodity Futures Exchange

The world’s largest physical commodity futures exchange and the pre-eminent trading forum for energy and precious metals; pioneered the development of energy futures and options contracts as a means of bringing price transparency and risk management to a vital market.


  • The client needed an integration solution that would provide a higher level of service to its energy-trading firms by automating the process of confirming and reconciling OTC bilateral and internally cleared trades swiftly and accurately through a single website, thus speeding the timeliness of trade reconciliation and reducing operational risk. Time to market was critical, and internal business expertise and IT resources were in limited supply.
  • A messaging interface with ConfirmHub systems was required to submit trades in real time, enabling clients who use ConfirmHub to immediately view and confirm cleared trades in addition to their OTC trades.
  • Too few trading firms were attracted to ConfirmHub and commodity trading in general.
  • Competitors enjoyed an advantage with the exclusion of the major OTC brokers.

RMK Solution

  • Through an existing RMK FIX and trading system development partnership, managed and executed the implementation of a solution encompassing the analysis, design, development and testing of a new ConfirmHub gateway system.
  • Delivered documentation for requirements, technical design and message mapping; a user guide; and an operational monitoring suite.


  • The new system enabled customers to confirm trades immediately rather than waiting days and made their ability to manage risk more timely, ultimately allowing them to trade with confirmed and current positions.
  • The client received the application without impact to its in-house development projects and resources.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support of the new interface was provided by RMK.

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