Customer Relationship Analytic Application Leads to a Broader Holistic Solution [hidden]

by admin on November 21, 2012

Client: Global Financial Services Provider

A global financial services provider—serving as the critical link among financial institutions and millions of businesses, cardholders and merchants—with a mission to advance commerce worldwide by developing more secure, convenient and rewarding payment solutions; processing billions of payments seamlessly across the globe; and building economic connections that accelerate business.


  • Global IT had committed to delivering a sophisticated analytic application to its planning department yet couldn’t find the necessary skills within the company and elsewhere to convert business requirements into a working solution.
  • The new application needed to operate as a well-integrated appendage to an electronic document-based solution, built over a period of over four years to manage very business-specific customer relationship events and planning processes.
  • The system lacked much-needed analytical processing capabilities that only sophisticated technologies can deliver. Not only would the application provide analytical functionality for the data in that document-based application, but it would also combine it with data from other systems.

RMK Solution

  • Within days, presented a professional who not only delivered the application on time but was also able to provide assistance in other similar projects.
  • Retained beyond the initial six-month engagement to participate in other projects and eventually to maintain and evolve the original application through various major releases.


  • On-time implementations, thorough documentation, technical and architectural direction, additional support in other technical areas, mobility to new technologies, reliability and continued support.
  • A more successful and confident technology department promoted solutions of similar magnitude, leading to the design and implementation of a marketing analysis application to help analysts relate cardholder behavior to promotional activities by merchants and card issuers around the world.
  • RMK is now helping the company build a new application that will combine into a single integrated architecture all the functionality that only a two-platform system had been able to provide.


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